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The Netlaw team welcomes you to a new experience in the family law sector. Our online platform provides a free facility that is specifically limited to family law experts, and you can choose whether you wish to subscribe for additional services. Our strategy to bring people together online includes a social media group made up of family law professionals and the public.

We have all seen forums and websites that promise to increase client numbers, but they do not allow directly interaction between professional and client which can make a huge difference. This has successfully enabled both groups to interact directly since its launch, affording professionals the opportunity of influencing clients within a particular sector.

The general public can view:

• Professional web profiles for each firm or individual with contact details and images
• Full list of panel memberships, qualifications and experience
• The services that you offer and any other professional details with links to your own web site
• Notice boards and forums that afford you the opportunity to display your expertise via blogs, posts and articles to inform and influence the client’s decision as to who to instruct

Benefits for professionals and the public:

• The public are offered the opportunity to open an account and to view articles, blogs and posts as an information resource and participate in public forums or notice boards that permit problems to be posted and answers provided
• A private messaging service allows clients to directly and discreetly contact professionals online, with access to past posts
• Notice boards permit the publication of professional blogs or articles for the public to view and to provide an information resource for the public as well as assess the expert they may wish to instruct
• Areas of special expertise can be demonstrated on the children’s notice board or those dedicated to finances etc.
• You get out what you put in. The more you participate, the higher your profile will rank on the site. This in turn increase enquiries for you to inform and sell your services
• All disciplines involved in the family law arena are welcomed including, but not limited to, solicitors, barristers, arbitrators, mediators, accountants, surveyors (and other experts in the field). Counsellors, as well as any other professional with an interest in family law, are also welcome, which may include academics
• The opportunity for all individuals and organisations to operate on an equal footing regardless of financial resource
• Build your circle of friends for professional and social networking purposes. The more friends who have links to you and your website, the higher your rankings on social media search engines, thus increasing your public profile
• Actively market and advertise your services on a long term basis without the standard professional service costs associated with such activities
• Private forums for professionals to communicate and network allowing for connections between professionals to be established providing further business opportunities – not available to the public
• Private professional forums can also be used for the publication of issues for research purposes and input from other professionals providing for cross selling opportunities – not available to the public.
Led by a professional solicitor

Netlaw is a network of highly skilled family law professionals, supported by specialist solicitor, Paul Summerbell. With a career spanning 21 years, Paul has represented clients from all walks of life and in all courts and levels of representation, from the local magistrates’ court to the Court of Appeal.

Current positions:

• Family Department Head at Warrens Family Law – http://www.warrensfamilylaw.co.uk/
• Founder and CEO of Accord Mediation Services – http://www.accordmediationservices.com/
• Founder and CEO of Netlaw Limited – http://netlaw.ltd.uk/

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This is a new service offered at no cost for a fixed period for membership purposes but we anticipate that membership will grow rapidly with the associated benefits that we have mentioned. Please mention us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your own personal website and other social networks as the benefits are mutual for all concerned, allowing all participants to deal on an equal footing regardless of resources.
Take a look at our website for further information about us and our services for more information. To become a Netlaw member, please go to the website, complete your details as you see fit, and participate. We have in mind our own Field of Dreams: “if you build it (they) will come”.

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